What is TiE?

TiE is a global network of passionate thinkers, leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to be successful entrepreneurs. With the philosophy of “fostering entrepreneurship globally” TiE creates a platform to generate and nurture next generation of entrepreneurs.


What is AnthahPrerana?

An initiative of TiE Bangalore, AnthahPrerana is a carefully thought out program which plugs some very essential gaps in the eco-system. It's an inspiring and action packed program which combines the value of celebration through awards and a gurukul like bootcamp with eager to share and the "been there done that" successful entrepreneurs for 2 days at IIM, Bangalore. This is followed by a 90 day acceleration program supported by some of the best partners in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 


Is this a B-Plan competition?

It is NOT a business plan competition though the business viability and feasibility is a factor considered by the jury panel.


What is the eligibility criterion to apply to AnthahPrerana?

To apply for AnthahPrerana you need to have an early stage start up which meets the following parameters:

        a) Your start up should be 0-3 years old.                                               

        b) You should not have received any funding. (VC/Angel/institutional)


I have an idea but no business yet, can I apply?

Yes, you can apply, we believe in the power of ideas but it will be left to the jury to decide if your idea is powerful enough to break through to the final list of qualifiers. 


I’m not sure if I’m a good fit for your program. Should I apply?

Let’s talk first. If you have doubts, we’d hate to waste your time completing the application only to find out you aren’t an eligible candidate. That said, it’s difficult without reviewing your information and seeing your application to properly determine whether or not you’re a fit.  Chances are, you’ll meet our criteria to apply and we’ll recommend you submit an application. If you end up not being selected for the program, we’ll still point you in the direction of the right resources for you – whether it’s a seed accelerator, angel group, or someone (or something) else entirely.


What is the cost?

There is no cost/fee to enter the program.


Do I need to move somewhere to participate?

No. We do not require companies to relocate in order to participate in our program. Instead we host several high-value in-person events over the course of several months that are most often condensed into a single day but never longer than three days. We complement this face time with strategic virtual connections to surround our talented business builders with the expertise and connections they need to grow small start-ups into BIG businesses.


I’m an experienced entrepreneur. Why should I apply?

We respect your experience but there are still numerous reasons why this program might just be the one for you.

 You gain access to TiE’s global network and this exclusive platform.

It provides you with an avenue for visibility, connections, and strengthens your network.

They say you should never stop learning! 


Who’s involved in the program?

Our programs are truly community-driven. We involve over 150 entrepreneurs, angel investors, VCs, corporate investors, business development contacts, press, service providers and domain experts in the program. These individuals help by referring applicants, evaluating applicants, speaking at our events, coaching selected companies and recruiting new talent into this pool of experts.


What happens after the program?

The alumnae of our accelerator programs never stop reaping the benefits of being part of our curated entrepreneurial expert network. After the program, we continue to serve as a relentless advocate for our entrepreneurs, leveraging our relationships and the connections within our network to add value, whether by helping you get access where you need it, or by having your back in the most challenging of circumstances. We are your partners on your search for success and strive to be the backbone and the peer network that you turn to in times of stress and success.